wixii ka dambeeyey 2012 Caasimadda Muqdisho waxaa ka dhacayey qaraxyo aan caadi ahayn uma muuqanayey inay ahaayeen, kuwo ka itaal badan wax lagu sameyn karo dalka gudahiisa, ama u baahan hab warshadaysan oo lagu samayn kato Awood qasaaro baaxadaasi leh geysan karo.  Dheeho inta ka hartay qormadaan →


Since the fall of Ziad Birry, Somalia has become free for all the missionaries to roam there with their organizationworking under different guises. ThChristian proselytizing efforts increased amongst Somalis either through welcoming refugees to Europe and other Western countries, or through those who are tossing and turning in an episode of misery and sorrows as a result of tribal warfare. Within this troubled atmosphere, the Christians found the opportunity to build a church in Hergisa, and they strive to build many others like it in other cities. We Ask Allah Most Exalted to quash their hopes. Dheeho inta ka hartay qormadaan →

April 1, 2006 — I watched a speech of Lebanon’s Hizbollah leader Shaikh Hassan Nasrullah at a rally in support of Syria. Millions of Lebanese participated in the rally sending a strong signal to the world that Syria is not alone. It was shocking to hear Nasrullah describe Somalia as vulnerable to balkanization while Lebanon is immune to such attempts. Dheeho inta ka hartay qormadaan →

During the past few years, we have heard steady proclamations emanating from the advocates of economic globalization and leaders of the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO), et. al. – that their deepest purpose in pushing economic globalization is to help the world’s poor. More specifically, they contend that removing barriers to corporate trade and financial investments is the best path to growth, which they say offers the best chance to lift the poor from poverty. Dheeho inta ka hartay qormadaan →

The situation in Somalia today is tense. World opinion is heavily against it. If asked, the average person on the street will more than likely reply that the militaries of the world need to respond, and aggressively. Pirates seem to run rampant, causing an estimated $14 billion in overall damage/loss. There hasn’t been an EFFECTIVE government in over 20 years, since 1991 and the current government only has legitemate control over only half the country, and the presidents grip is tenuous, at best, with a current junta underway by Islamic extremists to oust him.
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February 14, 2016

Written By Swedish Investigative Journalists Peter Wolfson & Greta Backstrom

Many accounts misapprehend the nature of the relationship between Somaliland and al-Shabaab. The relationship, in fact, goes far beyond contact and coexistence, with significant financial assistance by Somaliland’s Ministry of Interior and Intelligence Agency providing the bulk of al-Shabaab’s financing and weapons, according to sources and al-Shabaab captured leaders. Somaliland intelligence is directly funded by foreign intelligence agencies, according to reports. Dheeho inta ka hartay qormadaan →

How The West Created ISIS

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“This is an organisation that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision which will eventually have to be defeated,” Gen Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Pentagon press conference in August.

Military action is necessary to halt the spread of the ISIS/IS “cancer,” said President Obama. Yesterday, in his much anticipated address, he called for expanded airstrikes across Iraq and Syria, and new measures to arm and train Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces.

“The only way to defeat [IS] is to stand firm and to send a very straightforward message,”declared Prime Minister Cameron. “A country like ours will not be cowed by these barbaric killers.”

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