A bout

Freedom and Change could only come when the new generation rise up to fill our political gaps, and try to find their best throughout their life, to save others in the future, This sacrifices has sometimes risking any one’s life, face death, prison, and many more, because determination of freedom can not came until many of them go, and dye. Life is always short, even if you mark 100 years, you dont have time you be more than that. Just one day you will love you death, and simply you go. But the things that any one need is to leave very good history which many years ahead will recall the people, and became social model, or you will be honored many thousand of years. Be wise and wisdom through all your life, be merciful and help others as long as you live in this tiny world, tell true before you visit the grave, be transparency, and countable person, and be patient to your parents as long as they live.

Ibrahim Abdi Geele


U dhaaf Halcelis

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