US encouraged Ethiopian invasion of Somalia: UN meeting memo with Jenday Frazer, Secretary of State for African Affairs, 2006


This is a memo written from an official with the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea in 2006 detailing a meeting with Jenday Frazer,

the Bush Administration’s Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs. It is interesting in that it undercuts Bush administration officials’ later assertions that they did not encourage Ethiopia to invade Somalia in 2006. It also reveals a bias on the part of Frazer in favor of Ethiopia and against Eritrea that many including former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton believe set back difficult negotiations on the border dispute between the two countries. The document has not been released until now. It will be of interest to people who follow US policy in the Horn of Africa.,_Secretary_of_State_for_African_Affairs,_2006


U dhaaf Halcelis

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