Islamic Courts Administration Office of the Chief of the Imams Dhusamareb, November 09, 2005

Letter by Shiikh Hassan Dahir Aweys

Islamic Courts Administration
Office of the Chief of the Imams
Dhusamareb, November 09, 2005

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

To: The representatives of the Islamic Courts in Northwest Somalia
The Representatives of the Islamic Courts in Northeast Somalia
Cc: The Committee of the Somali Religious Leaders, Mogadishu
Subject: Secret Decision

Brothers in Islam,

Right from the sixties, when Somalia realized civilian government and the military regime led by Siyad Barre which was defined by injustice, the practice of the Sharia law was undermined and grossly violated. The Sharia law ordains the path of righteousness and warns against bad deeds.

In the same vein, the over 10 years of disintegration marked gross violation on the teaching of Islam. The population was divided by the warlords who caused pouring of the human blood in large numbers and weakened the belief of the people.

As you are all aware, the so-called Transitional government formed for Somalia is hunting the Somali religious leaders and the Muslims in general. They have influenced the International Community to believe that the Somali religious leaders are Al-Qaeda. You very well know that its agenda is to bring the Ethiopian troops in order to use them and kill the Somali population. As you are aware, there are faction leaders who are fighting this government without subscribing to our vision but would be vital in using as a bridge.
In order to react to the threats posed by the plan of this government, which is aimed to inflict sufferings on the people of Somalia who are Muslims, we have decided the following agenda points as shown the on the next pages for your implementation.

Following the tangible progress made by the Islamic Courts in expanding its political programmes that restored just administration founded on Sharia law.
In view of the findings on the programme contents used in the awareness campaigns, and the reception hailed by the population on plans to establish Islamic State that would herald justice and unity.
In view of the findings on the dire need for expansion of the Islamic Courts Administration to all parts of Somalia to refocus public attention on justice.
In view of the findings on the need to derail the so-called Transitional Federal Government and the Regional Administrations who are holding the population as a hostage.

The following decision was made:
To open Islamic Courts in all districts of Puntland and Somaliland in collaboration with the clan elders and the Traditional leaders. That the representatives of the Islamic Courts in Puntland have to obstruct Militias and arms flowing to the TFG from Puntland and the Ethiopia border
Plots to mar the existing relationship between the TFG, Puntland, Somaliland and Ethiopia have to be employed Penetration into the armed forces of Puntland and Somaliland has to be made and clan used as an instrument to unfasten the cohesion The heavy and the light weapons used by Puntland and Somaliland armed forces have to be purchased with hard currency in secret deals. If that fails, the custodian of the heavy weapons should be approached with an offer.

Cooperation has to be made with criminals and hard currency provided as motivations to assassinate the officials of the administrations (TFG, Somaliland & Puntland)
A traditional leader has to be crowned for each and every Sub-clan and the required financial support extended.
Religious lectures indirectly influencing the public should be put in full gear Friction with these administrations should be avoided and instead the taxes paid as required Strong allies should be identified within the cabinet of each of the administrations using clan elders and the traditional leaders as an entry point while flexibility is maintained and support provided.
Generous support should be given to the Oromo’s and the ONLF to weaken the capability of Ethiopia which is our primary enemy as well as the administrations they are using to pursue their agendas.

The minority clans who are marginalized by those administrations should be welcomed and influenced. The Wagerdha’a sub-clan of the Marehan should to be supported and hostilities promoted within other sub-clans of the Marehan. Fully fledged support should be extended to Gen. Morgan as a tool to destroy and disconnect the clan powerbase of the Key leaders who wield significant power within Somalia.

The political animosity with the Religious leaders who are in support of those administrations should be minimized. The representatives in Puntland and Somaliland should furnish ideas on how best to restore the Islamic Courts and implements the enlisted decisions.

Care has to be maintained all along to avoid leaking of this information Whosoever leaks this information and is found guilty should be shot.
Finally, the representatives are advised to employ diplomacy in the execution of this decision and report on the activities progress including what was possible and the resources required.
Unity comes from Almighty Allah
Chief of the Imaam of the Islamic Courts

Shiikh Hassan Dahir Aweys (signed)


U dhaaf Halcelis

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