Does the France Attacks has similarity with Gladio operation in Western EU

France Shakes Waves of Terror, and it was just second disaster during this year. But Who did this Tragedy, that is the Question, and no one is clearly said the right answer. Most of the People says, Islamic Terrorist Group, which we don’t know who finance them, train, and arrange their attacks.

Let me in-light other Conner of the Story.. 1945 After the WWII, there was two powerful Packs, Soviet Umbrella and Western Power.. The Soviet was swallowed the eastern and Mostly Asian continent, to South Americans, and Africa, Which Cause a lot of wars. For that confrontation cause nightmares in this world. One of that Nightmares has named Decades of European Terror. That Terror behind western them selves, to halt the Soviet Socialist Ideology spreading their continent. To stop the Social, the western is organised stay behind Operations to terrorized the western Europe, and blame the Socialist Parts in western Europe, who anesthetized the Soviet Union.
To day the western world has invaded the Muslim world, and simply organized stay behind Operation against Muslim Countries, to realized for their cross-road interests. They always having strategical steps to infiltrate the Muslim world. The first to install their pa-pets Regimes, Support, empowered, and when they stay the power just half century, their remove and next motivate their against, finance, which totally the whole country changed in to violence. and the latest step is to conquer one more time, after centuries when the nationalist is disappeared.
France has largest number of the Islamic Converts, and the future of the France is analyzed that all France Population will have future Muslim dominant in just less than 50 years, for that assessment of their strategy is caused crisis and Politically motivate Islamaphobia, hatric, differences in a same citizen France Population.
For that strategy is responsible to these painful attacks, to halt the Islamic ideology spreading the EU continent, and already installed  secret terror groups which are not Muslim or no any reference to Muslim Identities, and their name is Muslim. The method doesn’t have any differences for the time of the western war against the SOVIET. ISLAMIC terror, or know us Islamic Terrorist group, or just any type of western claim are always tools to dis mental the rights of the Muslim Societies, their dignities. All the Western leaders claims that Islam is a peace, and Blame any crisis to Muslim once again all the terror attacks. Just like a madness policy of leadership, by creating false enemy, and propaganda against the Muslim People.
For all of these incident is to eliminate Muslims in the  European Continent, and other side of the Islamic Countries has their allies of the Regimes like Gulfs, which are never blamed to anything because of practicing their direction and never disobey them for dictated policies. and Islamaphobia in Europe is/Will always be the same as Gladio Secret Operation in the time of the EU decades of terror.
Islamaphobia in France             
Islamaphobia in Germany         
Islamaphobia  in Italy                 
Islamaphobia In Egland             

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